Sub Themes

Sub themes :


  • Development and Integration of Information Technology in ELT
  • Challenges in the teaching of literature, linguistics and language amid the COVID 19 Pandemic
  • Teachers Professional Development
  • Multicultural education in Digital Era
  • TPACK Implementation in ELT
  • ELT for Young Learners
  • Perspectives in  Online Teaching and Learning
  • Digital Literacy in the 21st Century
  • World Englishes


  • Gender Ideology in literary works
  • Comprehending the work of literary through Digital Media
  • Creative Writing of Literary Work
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Literary Works and Perspective in Dystopian World
  • Literary Works in entertainment industries
  • Perspectives  on Literature


  • Expanding the dimension of Communicative Competence
  • Current Issues on Descriptive Linguistics, Systemic Functional Linguistics, and Forensic Linguistics
  • Cross Culture Understanding in language implementation in 4.0 era
  • Impacts of Technology in translation and interpreting
  • Linguistics issues  in Industrial revolution 4.0